Say goodbye to sleepless nights. Create long-term timelapses without pulling your hair out.

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BixiBox combines an advanced intervalometer with the same outdoor housing that's used by armies. With BixiBox you can monitor your DLSR camera and change its settings in a web browser anytime, anywhere. You can finally sleep well because you know that everything is working properly.

You don't have to worry about
your camera anymore..

  • A solar panel lets you put a camera in crazy places
    Powering the camera with a solar panel allows you to use it in places where it would normally be impossible to find electricity. Extreme heights, deserts, or mountains? Not a problem.
  • You don't have to go to the camera every time you need to change something
    With BixiBox's online interface you can always check that the device is functioning properly. You can set schedules for capturing timelapses and change camera settings remotely.
  • Power save mode so that you don't need a massive solar panel
    BixiBox's standby mode turns the camera on only when it's supposed to shoot a picture. It keeps the power consumption low so that you can supply the electricity with a small solar panel. Small panels are cheaper and it's easier to put them into hard to reach places.
  • E-mail alerts let you rest knowing everything is fine
    BixiBox checks if the camera is functioning properly every 60 minutes. When it encounters a problem, you get an e-mail alert. Thanks to this, you can forget about the box for months without having to worry if it's still working.
  • 4G modem so that you don't have to wait ageeeeesss
    BixiBox's 4G modem allows you to transfer data up to 10x faster than a 3G powered device. For an average RAW file, that's about 40 seconds of uploading, instead of 6.5 minutes.

A solution that doesn't give up easily. When it encounters a problem, it tries to fix it.

When there's a problem, BixiBox looks for a solution. If a photo cannot be captured, it will restart the camera. It will turn the USB off and on, and it will do the same with a power supply, which simulates unplugging of the cable. In other words... it will report an error only if all else fails.

BixiBox doesn't give up on uploads either. If there's a problem with internet connection, the photo simply gets uploaded later on.

Timelapse has been previously limited to stuff like BBC Earth and scientific projects. It's a new way of seeing things. A way to be ahead of the competition.

Online monitoring makes the solution an easy sell to your clients.

You can provide them with their own web address where they can monitor the project at all times. When they have a bunch of construction sites, it saves them hours they would otherwise spend traveling between different sites.

You'll never get angry with your clients.

Imagine that a client tells you that they will work only on weekdays and asks you to capture the photos only during standard 9-5 work days.

A few days later she comes back and says: „Actually this weekend we're working and we need you to capture it. And there's something important happening so we need to capture things more often.“ That's a major change. But with BixiBox's interface it takes only a few clicks to adjust the necessary settings.

It saves you a lot of work.

You can set different schedules for every day of the week and change those on the fly. So if there's nothing happening at night, you won't capture photos after the sun sets. This saves you editing time and a significant amount of memory card space.

You can upload your pictures to many different places.

  • BIXION drive
  • Google drive
  • Dropbox
  • FTP

Online storage means that you can access your photos at any time. And it also works as a backup if something happens to the camera.

  • Quick uploading that doesn't sacrifice the quality of your pictures.
    You can shoot in both jpeg and raw formats. Jpeg is fast to upload and makes it easy to monitor progress, but your photos also get saved in raw so that you can create timelapses in the best quality possible.
  • You won't spend ridiculous amounts of money on mobile data.
    Partial uploading allows you to choose how many pictures you want to upload every day. You can keep shooting every few minutes for the final timelapse and upload just a couple photos every day. Some clients save a lot of money in places where mobile data is expensive.
  • DSLR timelapse documentation has 9 times the quality of CCTV.
    Timelapsing can replace traditional surveillance cameras. Your clients can see their site very closely, and thanks to the super high definition it's possible to zoom into various areas and see what are people doing.

It takes our clients only about 5 to 12 MOs to recoup their investment.

Now I am confident that I can do the job well

"After doing one job, I could add this to the services that I can provide. I am established in my field and I had to make sure that it’s on par with other stuff that I do. With your product I am confident that I can do the job well and long-term timelapse has become one of my main sources of income."

Aksel K, professional photographer

I expect to make 2.4 times the money

"Bixion products allow me to build my business. Our projects take on average about 2 years. After the first year the full solution (even with a camera) is paid off. And by the second year we just profit. I estimate that I can make 2.4 times the money that the solution cost me. It’s not an expense, it’s an investment."

Mathieu Pellerin, president of Fingo

It just works. It's reliable

"Bixion provides everything I need for my timelapse projects and whenever I have some technical issue, I can be sure that the team will listen to my request and help me, their products are evolving every day to be truly top notch"

Julien Gazeau, professional photographer

BixiBox works with a wide range of DSLR cameras. Most of the Canon, Nicon and Sony models are fully supported.

BixiBox package includes:

  • Outdoor box (Peli case housing)
  • BixiCon intervalometer
  • Shutter release cable for Canon or Nikon
  • Configuration WiFi dongle (allows you to do the first set up wirelessly)
  • Battery
  • Solar power unit (monitors charging and discharging of the solar panel, you can see the data online)
  • Solar panel
  • Completion
  • Support for the first setup
  • Ongoing help with troubleshooting
  • (Doesn’t include a DSLR camera)
  • Price 2200 EUR

You can pay online.

14 day money-back guarantee

We're 100 % confident in quality of our product. That's why we're offering a money back guarantee which starts on the day you receive your Bixibox. Not happy with it? Return the product within 14 days and you'll get your money back.

The very first setup will be a breeze

We'll help you with it and every other installation will be easy. Setup takes only about 12 minutes and we will guide you through it. Over the phone, WhatsApp, or Google Hangouts.

We can help even if...

there's an issue that doesn't have anything to do with Bixibox. We can see a lot of information about your camera online and point out 70% of your problems. It's part of our ongoing free support.